Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

I designed, storyboarded and animated a couple of curiosities to promote
 BBC2's "The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff


I must also be credit urchins Liz Baker and Kevin Baker-Bartlett for painstakingly animating the BBC logo embossed flags and also Martin Davey for painting the watercolour sky, originally seen here.

(I'm such a Scrooge I wanted to avoid having to to pay him for a new one).

Here's a few stills


And there's a few here too

Anyway the first of these animations can be watched on the BBC Comedy website
and also as the show's
Red Button content.

In the clip above producer Gareth Edwards explains all you'd ever really want to know about Victorian television making techniques.
You can also watch the animation here. (scoot forward 3mins 45 secs if you're in a hurry).

You can also watch a second animation I made here. Again my animation is inbetwixt the live action, (beginning at at 2 mins 20)