When I was a kid I absolutely loved my Viewmaster.

I gazed in awe at the super-saturated images - somehow realer than real, but simultaneity unreal, artificial places, airless, vacum-packed realms, vignettes frozen in time and space. I explored these grand yet oddly miniature-looking vistas, Some seemed welcoming, some slightly unsettling, but each reel a Tardis-like gateway to an endlessly infinite parallel universe contained in a flat cardboard disc barely 1mm thick..

Viewmaster was more than a window into a world - it was a door into a way of feeling something really incredible about an image. I even had a go at making my own (I failed - and still have the sellotaped reel to prove it).

And then for reasons as yet unknown, I put the lot in a shoe box - until a period in my life where I finally got around to nourishing what I call my 'more arty side'.

In 2010 I began collecting Viewmaster reels, Lestrade, stereo cards, Vista Screen and various 3D ephemera, and started to explore what it was that I found so utterly enthralling about these images.

Soon I was not just rediscovering the beauty of the every day world - I was also feeling my way towards some sort of deeper intangible truth about what art does to the sole - an epiphany that lay behind it all -a holy grail that my cardboard glasses free with a special 3D page three edition of The Sun newspaper allowed me to almost but not quite reach out and grasp.

I bought myself a 3D camera and deliberately chose to photograph and film things that might be considered mundane, everyday, and definitely not worthy of a site seeing brochure.

I gazed in wonder upon a shopping mall carpark - ferret racing, suburban streets around my parents house, and my flatmate making a cup of tea.

(NB. For this I experimented with creating a little bit of forced perspective - I created a 'mug tree' with one of it's arms elongated to a ridiculous extreme.)

I'm still making 3D films, and have some more elaborate projects in the pipeline. For now please see below if you'd like to watch some I made earlier..

Please see a playlist of films above. They are sort of filmy-versions of rough sketches if, you will.


Alveston Travelog

More info coming soon

More stills here

Viewmaster Travelog

This is a project that I'm currently working on.

More information coming soon.


Lorraine Bowen

I love working with Lorraine.

We both share a love of celebrating the everyday - and are both fans of all that is hand-made and a bit 'lo-fi' Not only this but Lorraine is a real stereophile (sound-wise) and a stereo sound/stereography combo is something that we are looking to explore.

You can here a special double binural edition of her radio show 'Stereo Spectacular' here

NB. It features our first go at writing a radio comedy play (also written with with Karina Townsend). It has it's moments  - and I think isn't too bad for a first attempt.
It's based on Loraine and Karina's Chalkwell Ladies Drum and Bass League cabaret act.

Here's a music video which we made , here are some stills taken from it

It was shown here:

(Can't take the credit for the poster design. Not sure who made it, sorry).

It was also shown at Brighton's Komedia and Duckie, at The Royal Vauxhaul Tavern