Backpassages of Spitalfields.

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Speed History

A shoal of microfiche. (Lit with little gels.) Photo of a set I created for a thing what I wrote (and performed)


Speed history is like speed dating but without the dating. It's a room of historians and story tellers and actors and authors and ordinary extraordinary people, all of whom have a tale to tell.

Each tale is a miniature - a snapshot - something special - that lasts five minutes and is told to audiences of just four people. It might have props or pictures or a little video or just be a story, but at the end of the time a bell is rung and the audience choose another table to visit.



Above: A poster I designed based on an original idea by Alan Gilbey.


Past shows

05: Shoreditch Town Hall with Spitalfields Music.

More photos and info coming soon.


04: Spitalfields Music - (Christchurch Spitalfields)

Work done:

Edit/story-board and direction of a short film (found live-action footage and After Effects animation of photos and graphics) plus several magic lantern slides (created in Photoshop and printed onto Duratran).

The film was constructed in such a way as to allow performers to interact with it. Please click here if you want to see some photos.


03: Spitalfields Music - (Shoreditch Curch)

Work Done:

Direction and lighting and creation of several lo-fi effects for a Hitchcock-themed bit of site-specific "Speed History" - this time in Shoreditch Church. Many more details coming soon.

Click here for photos.


02: East End Backpassages - Bishopsgate Library

Work Done: The film I made for the previous show was re-used - this time projected onto the ceiling in Bishopsgate Library.

The theme of the show was that of tales less told - voices less heard and guest starred Chris Searle.

I must say that projecting pictures of his under-privileged students onto the library interior created some very powerful imagery - something which my photos don't really capture!

Maybe because I shot them on an Iphone whilst trying to rehearse and block stuff in the one short evening available?

Site-specific shinanigens. Ian Thompson created a really quite amazing book-case-themed sound installation. Here he is just about to realise that he's hacked into the wrong book.

Anyway back to what I did - my magic lantern slides were used again and I also directed the Hitchcock piece, this time in a small room off the main library - where we had lots of site-specific loveliness to play with - including a spiral staircase!

Please click here if you'd like to see some more of my photos - and a really nice comment in the guest-book about the Hitchcock piece I directed/lit. Thank you whoever you are!


01: Book Launch

Work Done:

Photography and Photo-shopping for this book.

It's already in it's second run - and is selling in The Tate Modern,
Whitechapel Gallery, Foyles, The Brick Lane Bookshop,"Joy" and on Amazon.

a link to some photos of the launch at Rough Trade East.
(All photos by me)