Cartoon Network
, Boomerang & Whole Hog

Sadly Cartoon Network UK isn't really creating much content these days.

I was lucky enough to work as an animator on various comedy shows between
anuary 2007
and March 2009 (That's 2 years 3 months according to Linked in)

One of the shows I worked on was Skatoony.
I had a great time animating on all three series

The show featured "real" contestants in a cartoon world.
We really had to tank through it, but I absolutely loved this job as it was a chance to do some
bold pose-to-pose comedy character work.

It was also just so much fun to animate a cartoon character interacting with the live action kids!
More about Skatoony and it's creators here.

Here's a sequence I animated. (Design by James Fox, Norm Konyu and Rich Wake).

And here's another clip I animated. It's not a great example of my animation skills but I just
found the clip and it brought back great memories.
(Plus it's not often you animate a whole pop vid with on your own in a couple of days!)

It's also lovely to see that a kid liked it enough to film it off the telly.

Ben 10

After Skatoony things were never quite as much fun at CN.
I did a bit of animating on a promo for Ben 10 - but this wasn't really my cup of tea.


Next I animated on a pilot for a promo for the Boomerang Channel.

This was fun I seem to remember. It featured a little puppy doing whimsical puppy stuff.
I don't have any pictures of video clips.
I hope this picture of a cute puppy will do.

Here Come The Games

This was lots of fun - a comedy pilot by the creators of Skatoony.


It Directed by James Fox, Written by James Fox and Richard Brookes and designed by Rich Wake

You can find out more about it and watch the clip that I animated all on my todd here

(It can be found on the "what we do" page)