The Lingo Show



Above: Lingo, (my character design) was a permanent feature on the CBeebies banner for quite some time.


I worked as character designer -  visualising, developing and designing all
the critters in this show/game.

I also set the style for the location designs and designed many of the backgrounds
including the stage/flying contraption.

"I'd recommend Kate in a heartbeat! Her unique sensibility, brilliant design,
sense of humour, dedication, professionalism and passion…made for an
incredibly rewarding and very fun experience.
Whilst at the BBC, I hired Kate to work on my 'Lingo Show' website for CBeebies.
She designed all the characters, their world, the now infamous Bug Mobile,
as well as the game assets.  Simply, Kate's design brought the whole brand to life,
resulting in Lingo performing as a top piece of content across the entire CBeebies
website where there is presence for over 100 brands, and topped off
by a TV series now in production.

I repeat, I'd recommend Kate in a heartbeat and I hope to work with her
again in the near future! "

 Nicole Seymour, Senior Online Content Producer, CBeebies

But what is it?

The Lingo Show offers your child the opportunity to learn words in new languages
- and practise saying them out loud - whilst joining in fun, interactive activities
with Lingo and his bug friends.

As well as exploring the different languages on offer, your child is also
extending their cultural knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Producer Nicole Seymour explains more about the show on the CBeebies Blog

It was a bit of a massive hit

"CBeebies' brand new online game The Lingo Show is proving a huge hit with
the nation's little language learners, attracting a massive 238,000 unique users in
the week of its launch with nearly a quarter of all unique users on the CBeebies'
site visiting The Lingo Show's games page."

You can read more

 If you'd like to see the game on the CBeebies' website, please click here

In the spring it crossed to TV

And ran for two successful series.

Proud mum scrapbook

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And the Lingo website on the telly. Okay I'll stop now.

Happy Birthday

CBeebies turned ten in 2012 - which is a scary thought as I remember the
channel launching the year I graduated.

Someone that I've never met before, made a Lingo cake.

Many thanks to Caela  for making my day.