I did a lot of animation on 'Sleepio' - an Apple Iphone/pad/watch app, which provides a CBT alternative to sleeping pills. Recently the app was nominated for an award at the prestigious London Design Museum.

Bad news: We didn't win.

Good News: I won't be loosing any sleep over it.





Film London

Director/designer/editor/animator of a live action/animated multi-award
winning documentary short.

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Design, animation and storyboard of several animated scenes in an episode of
(BBC2 2009)

I worked closely with the director and the camera department to create animated doodles which were superimposed onto a live action diary.

As well as using Flash I also used After Effects to composite effects such as you see in the first still - where handwriting reading "Go to the gym" transforms into a fast-moving treadmill.

I also photographed objects (like the ruler, post-it note etc) and created an overlay layer - working to "sandwich" the animation onto the diary.


I worked as character designer -  visualising, developing and designing all
the critters in this show.

I also set the style for the location designs and designed many of the backgrounds
including the stage/flying contraption.

"I'd recommend Kate in a heartbeat! Her unique sensibility, brilliant design,
sense of humour, dedication, professionalism and passion…made for an
incredibly rewarding and very fun experience.
Whilst at the BBC, I hired Kate to work on my 'Lingo Show' website for CBeebies.
She designed all the characters, their world, the now infamous Bug Mobile,
as well as the game assets.  Simply, Kate's design brought the whole brand to life,
resulting in Lingo performing as a top piece of content across the entire CBeebies
website where there is presence for over 100 brands, and topped off
by a TV series now in production.

I repeat, I'd recommend Kate in a heartbeat and I hope to work with her
again in the near future! "

 Nicole Seymour, Senior Online Content Producer, CBeebies

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The Brothers McLeod

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Backpassage Tours

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Glasshead Productions

BBC Webwise Shorts

Animator and story-boarder of three whimsical public information-style films (starring Maggie Philbin). Whilst these clips are certainly not my best work, I'm quite proud of the fact that one of the ones I animated is highlighted at the top of the Webwise site.

I had to stick to a loose storyboard - but managed to get some jokes in there and sneak in a little structure, which I think gave "the story" a sense of completion.

Animator on show, Just So Darwin. (Cbeebies).

The episode I animated with Jimeno Farfan was nominated for a Japan Award 2009!
 The episode was called "Why Is Lonesome George So Lonely" and was a melancholic little tale about Lonesome George. RIP :( x x x

Design development work. (BBC Raw)

Design pitch for films starring Lennox Lewis (You can see some of my photo-shopping of his shorts, above)

The Blue Dragon (CH4 Learning)

Co-creation of a library of character elements (designed by Paul Stone), plus design and animation the dream sequences for this Bafta nominated series. (Ps. the little dragons above are my designs)


Co-design and animation of "working" weather icons for CBBC (2003).

I actually got to work with the real-life weather department and stand in the tiny blue-screen weather studio at TVC! I'll upload the map in use as soon as I find the movie-clip. It was lovely to see the CBBC presenters interacting with it.

(NB. The stills above are just a placeholder / me messing about with an image I found online).

Caught In The Act

Design, storyboard, direction and animation of a much-loved anti-drugs
film aimed at young teens.

(Caught In The Act Theatre - 2005)

You can see more stills from the film here