Upstart Crow and The Floogals


In 2015 worked as an onset director on a couple of episodes of 'The Floogals', currently airing on 'Sprout'.

I'm currently directing, storyboarding, designing and animating a title sequence, end credits and establishing shots for 'Upstart Crow' a BBC Comedy sitcom by Ben Elton, starring David Mitchell.

I have been involved with the series from the pilot stage, contributing many ideas and am responsible for the animated content of the show including the typography.

Clips coming soon.




▶ Android Block Party from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

September - December 2014

I animated several TV/Youtube ads for Android phones as part of their 'Be Together Not The Same' campaign. It was a really fun job!

I worked on the ad above at Nomint. I animated the little boy and the front row of dancers and also on the truck sequence featured on the still here

It Is Rocket Science

It Is Rocket Science from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

I was asked to create an animation to help promote Helen Keen's radio show, It Is Rocket Science. Gareth the producer, Helen and her writing partner Miriam Underhill liked it which made me very happy!

The Lingo Show

The Lingo Show Series 2 Episode 03: 'Hop, Skip, Jump!' from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

I created all the character designs and lots of other stuff for the CBeebies hit, 'The Lingo Show'. I'm a very proud mum. the characters I've designed have been a real hit with audiences young and old.

More about my role as character designer here

Bleak Old Shop of Stuff



I designed, storyboarded and animated a couple of curiosities to promote BBC2's "Bleak Old Shop of Stuff"

Anyway the first of these animations can be watched on the BBC Comedy website and also as the show's Red Button content.

In the clip above producer Gareth Edwards explains all you'd ever really want to know about Victorian television making techniques.
You can also watch the animation here. (scoot forward 3mins 45 secs if you're in a hurry).

You can also watch a second animation I made here. Again my animation is inbetwixt the live action, (beginning at at 2 mins 20)

Quiff & Boot 

Quiff & Boot from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

Psychedelic Maths
I animated a whole episode of BBC Bitesize's BAFTA winning 'Quiff & Boot'.

The series was written, designed and directed by The Brothers McLeod

The episode I worked on was all about approximation, (and the dangers of shopping at Accessorize)

The Marriage Ref


Marriage Ref Titles from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

I "cleaned up" some of title sequence animation for Jerry Seinfeld's Marriage Ref. The animation was directed by Chris Hemming and Tim Hope, (Passion Pictures).

Jeroen Jaspaert animated the bits I worked on.

The News at Bedtime

Here's a sketch which I designed, directed, storyboarded and animated.

Martin Davey painted the backgrounds and Chris Forrester did the compositing.

Most of the photos of the cast were taken by me, but I did also have to use a couple of stock ones as we were a bit pushed for time.

It was written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman and was produced by Simon Nicholls
 and Will Saunders.

Radio Four/BBC Online Comedy 2009

PS. The sound has slipped a bit, (as tends to happen on Youtube).

You can also watch the sketch here and/or here. 


Flightless Birds


I designed, directed and animated a sketch as part of "That Mitchell & Webb Look"'s online/red button content.

Martin Davey painted the watercolour sea, sky and beach backgrounds.

That Mitchell & Webb Look, Series three  2009.

Click here if you'd like to see more stills


Love Soup


Love Soup Animation. from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

I designed, storyboarded and animated this sequence for David Renwick's "Love Soup".

The series was directed by Christine Gernon and was produced by Verity Lambert. More here.

Series 2
BBC1 2007


Dead Ringers

I designed, storyboarded, directed and animated of sketches for five series of
Dead Ringers including a Christmas Special, taking sketches from script
to dig-beta transferal.

I was given complete creative freedom, which meant being allowed to add lots of
extra visual stuff.

Sometimes a sketch would call for some 3D CGI, so I would call up Martin Davey.

Post Dead Ringers I directed and co-animated and designed a sketch for a kids'
version of the show, (a pilot broadcast as part of Gina's Laughing Gear).

BBC2 2003 - 2006
Some stills here

Below are some of the sketches I made:

Mr Happy

Dead Ringers: Mr Happy. from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

This sketch went viral in the days before the BBC knew that this was a good thing.

They kept removing clips from Youtube - even shutting down my page!

Anyway, the whole thing made me very proud. Kids as far a-field as the states made
violent live-action remakes and so I got to feel like a sort of BBC-ish Slim Shady
for a short while.

Directors notes: I'm really proud of the little "glimmer of hope" hand wave I added.
Many comments under the vids referred to "poor Mr
Happy" and I like to think this
was probably the moment where they actually cared about the character.

Oh and just quickly: I wasn't actually allowed to make the artwork look too similar to that of the Mr. Men books/TV series.
This was always the funny thing with Dead Ringers - I was always told to go away and make something look a bit less like the thing I was trying to make it look like in order to avoid suings.

You can watch this sketch on the BBC "Comedy Greats" page.

Written by Tom & Nev
Prod Caroline Norris
(BBC2 2006)

Top Gear/Wacky Races

Dead Ringers: Top Gear. from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

Verity Lambert said she liked this sketch so I like to think I was doing something right!

Written by Alan Gilbey,
Prod Gareth Edwards
(BBC2 2005)

South Bank/South Park - Kenny Branagh

Dead Ringers: South Bank Show - Kenny Branagh. from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

This was the second sketch I made for Dead Ringers and was used in the Christmas Special. Again I had to make certain adjustments to avoid suings.

Anyway - again I got to add lots on the storyboard - like Mark Lawson mooning.

I didn't see this recorded but Gareth told me that it scored really high on the BBC Clapometer. Alan Yentob asked my for a signed picture. I like to think it's pride of place somewhere in his house.

Written by Tom & Nev
Prod Gareth Edwards
(BBC2 2003)

Prince Charley Says

Dead Ringers: Prince Charley Says. from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

I made this in about a day. Goz asked me too. If you know Goz you'll know why I
couldn't refuse.

Written by Tom & Nev

Prod Caroline Norris
(BBC2 2006)


I'm A Celebrity/Jungle Book

I'm A Celebrity/Jungle Book Dead Ringers from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

Okay so myself and the writer are the first to admit this aint perfect
- but I'm quite proud of some of the designs.

Ps. please see the date! Both myself and Alan have learned lots since!

Written by Alan Gilbey,
Prod Gareth Edwards
(BBC2 2005)

The Stimpsons


Dead Ringers: The Stimpsons. from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

The BBC2 logo was animated by the lovely and talented Martin Davey.
This sketch is responsible for lots of angry comments on Youtube, very probably because the Beeb uploaded it without the continuity setup. Doh.

Written by Alan Gilbey,
Prod Gareth Edwards
(BBC2 2005)

South Bank/South Park - Reality TV


Dead Ringers: South Bank Show - Reality TV from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

The 3D lava was animated by the lovely and talented Martin Davey.
This was the first bit of work that I'd ever had cut. There was a gruesome head-sawing
sequence which never made it onto the telly.
Gareth said that as there had been a beheading in the news that week, it might be
seen as a bit distasteful.

Written by Alan Gilbey,
Prod Gareth Edwards
(BBC2 2004)

Gina's Laughing Gear: Yugioh

Gina's Laughing Gear: Yugioh from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

This is a sketch I directed and storyboarded for a pilot kids' version of Dead Ringers.

Martin Davey and I did the designing.

Martin also did all the animating.

Alan Gilbey did the writing and some of the dragon noises, (which were replaced by
proper BBC sound effects).

Prod Caroline Norris
(CBBC 2006)


Here's a clip from Skatoony

Skatoony Series 2 Clip from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

I animated on all three series of this Bafta nominated show.
Here is one of the sequences I did.
Artwork by Rich Wake, Norm Konyu and James Fox. Directed by James Fox.

Skatoony, Cartoon Network UK 2006-2008.

Serious Blazin

Serious Blazin from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

Here's a short anti-eggs film which I designed, directed, storyboarded and animated
for Jenny Dee's theatre company, Caught In The Act. 2005/6.

You can see some stills here

Bounty Hamster

I created a vast amount of location designs for all 26 episodes of this BAFTA nominated sci-fi show.

I also did a bit of spaceship designing although the majority of this was done by Simon Swales.

 Alan Gilbey, (credited as Sue Denim), also did a bit of location and spaceship designing too.

You can watch the series here